Sunday, October 4, 2009


We finally met with our accountant last week to see about filing our taxes. In April we filed for an extension. Life was busy and El Professor was distracted by some work issues, so we filed for an extension intending to get to the taxes over the summer months.....we never did....and you KNOW how convenient September is. Thankfully, they are now done. In the meantime, we are back in the saddle with homeschooling alongside our local Classical Conversations group, which translates to 'hitting the ground with your feet running'. I am teaching again, and I've added the afternoon grammar and writing class to my teaching responsibilities. I am challenged, busy, and just a little stressed. (OK, a lot stressed.) Still, this opportunity has landed in my lap and I intend to give it my best shot (even if I feel that for the 12 fall session weeks I will think about or do little else). Amidst all of the busyness, fall has come. I'm wearing a down vest and looking out at the gray and feeling thankful for challenges, fullness, provision, and community.

The garden has been churning out an abundance of peppers, beans, onions, and (FINALLY) tomatoes. (I have had several successive years of tomato killing prowess.)

'Sundried' tomatoes...SO good.
So far, I have only managed to snatch a few shots of our Classical Conversations class. I am usually so busy I forget to pull out my junky old camera and capture some good moments. Here, Annie is operating her 'shaduf' model she made for her presentation on ancient world irrigation methods.
We begin each Classical Conversations day with a large gathering in the gym of the church in which we meet.
Part of the busyness of teaching at Classical Conversations is transporting 'the stuff of the day' into rolling crates, shopping bags, and a portfolio carrier. The rest of the week, my CC stuff is usually strewn about our living room. (I'm working on carving out space in the garage.)

On Fridays I transport another homeschool boy to piano lessons with Daniel, while another homeschool friend helps transport Annie from a dance class. On Friday this translated to some extra play time on both ends. Annie stayed and played at this friend's, while the piano boys came to our house for a lunch/study session. I had to smile at the sweetness of these two teenage boys, goofy and yet serious, asking questions and helping each other with Latin declensions. That just sounds so academic, doesn't it? Just to add reality to the whole scene, though, here's basically how a conversation I had with Daniel went...
Me--'Who is your History of Science' report about this week?'
Daniel--'Some guy who lived a long time ago who I wish would never have been born so I wouldn't have to write a report on him!'

Feeling grateful for it all. (Most of the time).