Saturday, February 28, 2009

There's a reason.......

......why Thirteen was thrilled, I mean THRILLED, that the folks at the local dump gave him a free recycling bin.   Oh the joy!  Apparently, the folks at the dump got a kick out of how thrilled he was.  Some kids long for more conventional things, not to say that Thirteen doesn't have a wish list of 'normal' things he would like to have, but this winter he has been seriously wishing for a recycling bin.  After El Professor hauled it home in the trunk of the Old Volvo, Thirteen scrubbed it out and gave it to his neighbor buddy as a birthday present.  

Why, you ask? 

Thirteen has a little film making thing going on here in the culdesac with two of the neighborhood boys.  His spare time (and his not so spare time as well)  is often absorbed in dreaming up story lines, drawing story boards, and making props.  Enter the Wonderful, Free Recycling Bin.  The boys have been wanting a dedicated prop bin as they have been using an In Use Recycling Bin all winter.  The movies center around the antics of three neighborhood buddies known as BaconhEd (aka Thirteen), Canadian Bacon, and Sausage.  The Canadian Bacon character (who happens to be the birthday gift recipient) hangs out in a recycling bin.  And, apparently, he loved the gift. (Thirteen also gave him a bag of Oreos.)    

In a culture laden with video games and cable, it has been thrilling to see this 'electronic pastime' become a creative passion for Thirteen.  Last week, he tore his room apart, moved all of his furniture into his closet and taped St. Patrick's Day tablecloths all over the walls to create a green screen.  He is now working with an instructor at the homeschool resource center on an 'after effects' program to use with his new green screen.
The film maker at work....

I think the 'Christmas Episode' Thirteen dreamed up is my favorite.  

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Gift

Late last summer, as school started up and fall approached, Ten decided that she was going to get a few more inches onto her long hair and then cut it off for Locks of Love.  Our fun Hair Cutter Lady let her know that her hair was almost long enough, and that when Ten was ready, she would cut and style it free of charge.  She does that for Locks of Love.  She mails the hair to them as well.  Ten decided that Valentine's Day would be The Day.   (We actually ended up going in the day before Valentine's Day.)

A few days prior to The Day, Ten wanted her usually 'wild hair' french braided 'one last time' (believe me, there weren't many times).  She also told several little girl friends of her plan, and had them each say good bye to her hair.  On The Day, she was resolute, even printing some 'short hair style'  ideas off the internet to take to show our Hair Cutter Lady....  

Our poor Hair Cutter Lady could barely speak, as she was recovering from The Winter Cold we all seem to be battling.  
Ten brought along a moral supporter.  They played in the massage chair while El Professor got his hair trimmed.  

When it was Ten's turn she talked about possible styles and shared her pictures.  

Then The Wonderful Hair Cutter Lady gave Ten some encouragement.  
First you make a ponytail....
...then you cut off the ponytail....

...and braid the hair.  You need ten inches.  

Last of all, you get a new style!

It takes 6-8 ponytails to make a wig.  

Check out Locks of Love and view their video clip on the donation process.  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Celebrations....and busy!

Life has been busy!  Homeschooling, a remodel (remember those old windows???), teaching at Classical Conversations, a zoo trip,  sick kids, Face Book's been a busy, but full, wonderful month.  Amidst all of the hullabaloo, El Professor turned......49!!!!!!!  We celebrated with a breakfast out, a soup and bread dinner with the 13-year-bible-study friends, and a family BBQ. 

More later  on the progress of the 'salvage remodel', homeschooling, life...........